2019 Women’s Em-Power Luncheon

On April 2nd, a milestone was commemorated, Equal Pay Day 2019. This is the date that marks the 16 months it takes a woman to earn as much as a man did the year before, for the same job. Webb Investment Services hosted the event at Pack’s Tavern Century Room, where a group of nearly 90 Women (and a couple of really smart Men) joined in a conscious conversation about the way we as women currently think and talk about money, from the way we are paid to the way we plan for our futures.

This event, never before held in Asheville, hopes to be a powerful reminder that while women have made great strides in the last century, we still have a long way to go.

Laura Webb, CFP® and President, and Faith Doyle, MBA and Financial Advisor Associate, both of Webb Investments, presented on and discussed in an interactive and thought-provoking conversation on how women can collectively transition into a new mindset about their money and creating their financial futures. The focus of the discussion was centered around what Laura and Faith see are the 3 biggest mistakes women make in managing, or not managing, their financials futures. In the discussion they shared ideas as to how to begin to right the ship and put yourself on the right course toward achieving one’s financial goals.

All of the event proceeds (just under $2,000) will be given to The Women for Women’s Endowment Fund, which is part of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, a non-profit organization that responsibly manages, grows and allocates funds to nonprofits and public agencies in the region for charitable purposes.

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