2019 WWBC Bubbles Griffin Award


Congrats Laura Webb on winning the 2019 Bubbles Griffin* Award for generosity of spirit towards Women Entrepreneurs in WNC at the 5th annual Western Women’s Business Conference at AB Tech! This award is given to 3 women across the 25 counties of WNC. The award is named for a former Western Women’s Business Center client, Sheritha “Bubbles” Griffin. Bubbles worked tirelessly to build community, give back to those in need, and provide work for those that were disenfranchised.  Laura was so sorry to miss such a wonderful gathering of women; she was taking her 87-year-old mama (Jean Webb) on a long-standing annual trip to see her sister at the beach. Faith Doyle attended the conference and accepted the award on Laura’s behalf. Way to go Laura!



*No fee was paid for the exchange of the award/recognition. Raymond James does not endorse the Bubbles Griffin Award or the Western Women’s Center. This award is not related to Laura Webb’s future performance. The pool of candidates includes: Lori Garcia-McCammon, Tracey and Greene-Washington. This is not testimonial based.