A Plan for all Seasons Spring 2019


The birds singing and flowers blooming are a cue – it’s time for heavy duty cleaning and organizing. That includes cleaning out your financial to-do list and discussing any outstanding items with your advisor. It’s also a good idea to check your credit report and consider consolidating your retirement accounts.


  • Friday, April 19: Good Friday
  • Monday, May 27: Memorial Day



☐ Monday, April 1: Final day to take 2019 required minimum distributions for those who turned 70½ in 2018.

☐ Monday, April 15: Tax day – the deadline to file your taxes or request a tax filing extension. Mark this date!

☐ Monday, April 15: Last day to contribute to traditional and Roth IRAs or Coverdell education savings accounts for 2018.



☐ Don’t delay distributions: If over 70½, take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your IRAs and qualified plans. You must begin RMDs by April 1 the year after you turn 70½. After the first distribution, IRA holders must take distributions by December 31 each year. That means if you reached 70½ during 2018, and you delayed your 2018 initial RMD until April 1, 2019, your 2019 RMD would still be due before December 31, 2019. For more information, go to irs.gov/rmd.

☐ Home in on a housing plan: It’s homebuying season. If you’re considering buying or refinancing a home, check your finances and pay close attention to interest rates.

☐ Weigh an extension: If applicable – particularly if you hold securities subject to income reallocation – ask your tax advisor if filing an extension with the IRS would be beneficial.

☐ Unify and simplify: If you have retirement accounts with former employers, talk to your advisor about your options.

☐ Pull your credit report: Obtain a free copy of your credit report and conduct a midyear review.

☐ Dream of graduation: Talk to your advisor about education savings plan alternatives for your child or grandchild.

☐ Have a teachable moment: Start a conversation about finances and budgeting with a student or recent graduate in your life. Consider introducing him or her to your financial advisor to learn the basics of saving and investing.