Friends of the Smokies

Find out why the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is so near and dear to Laura’s heart.

The Unexpected Inheritance

What would happen if you suddenly inherited a large sum of money? One-third of Americans would blow it and then live with regret. Here’s what we suggest instead:

It’s About Time, Not Timing

What do you think happens when bad headlines hit and you pull your money from the market? When you try to time the market, you can miss the best days. Here’s why we say “time” is far better than “timing” when it comes to investing: 

How do geopolitics highlight the need for more sustainable innovation?

By: Meera Pandit, Global Market Strategist The war unfolding in Ukraine is a political crisis, yet it also highlights economic vulnerabilities to many industries, and underscores the need to adapt in the face of both geopolitical and climate risks. Although climate change is a key consideration in sustainable investing, sustainable investing is more broadly about finding companies that are durable … Read More

Market whiplash hurts, but what do long-term indicators say?

MARKETS AND INVESTING May 06, 2022 Take a deep breath and focus on fundamentals, says Raymond James Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam. Volatility is never comfortable, and this year is no exception. With the May 5 drawdown, the S&P 500 is down 13% year-to-date and near its lowest level since May 2021. Interestingly, despite the sharp gyrations throughout the week, … Read More

Cyber Security

Ever get those emails that look like they’re from your bank or your cell phone service, but it’s a scam? You’re not alone! Here are a dozen tips you can use right now to keep your personal information safe from cybercriminals: