Trillion Dollar Stimulus on the Way

Good Morning, Another historic day. Lawmakers in Washington struck a compromise on a major fiscal stimulus package to help combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill, already passed by the Senate and awaiting House vote, packs in a lot, with upward of $2 trillion slated to provide important support for the economy, explains Raymond James Chief Economist Scott … Read More

Self-Quarantine Resources

In this uncertain time, we want to share a few resources for you and your loved ones. This is also great information to pass along to your family and friends. We’re here if you need us. Be safe and all the best! Grocery Delivery Services: Publix Grocery Delivery Harris Teeter Grocery Delivery Wal-Mart Grocery Delivery Amazon Prime … Read More

Stocks Yo-Yo as Government Considers Fiscal Stimulus

As you likely are aware, the stock markets are reacting daily to news about the spread of COVID-19 and its potential effect on the economy. We understand how uncomfortable this increased volatility can be and believe it’s important to offer perspective on the markets where we can to our valued clients. The S&P 500 fell by almost 6% on Wednesday, … Read More

Fed Surprises with Rate Cut

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) opted for an unscheduled, 50-basis-point rate cut on Tuesday, bringing the target range for the federal funds rate (the overnight lending rate) to 1.00-1.25%. The FOMC cited evolving risks to economic activity posed by the coronavirus, explains Raymond James Chief Economist Scott Brown. While economic fundamentals remain solid, the FOMC will continue to monitor … Read More

Coronavirus Concerns Startle Markets

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Chances are that you, like us, have been following the coronavirus updates and its potential impact on Americans. You may have seen that the equity markets have been skittish throughout the week, and the latest news about the first case in California that does not have a clear point of origination continued the trend, explained Raymond James Healthcare Policy Analyst … Read More

2020 Outlook

By: Faith Doyle, MBA, CFP® Financial Advisor Associate at Webb Investment Services, Inc. What a ride it has been!  This time last year we were dealing with many uncertainties; a full-on trade war with China, a government shutdown, interest rates on the rise due to Fed tightening, and worries of a broken credit market1. That was a lot to wash … Read More

The Power of Your Posse

Laura Webb Featured

Laura had an article published in the January 2020 edition of Capital at Play. Check it out. See full edition in the link or read the article below. Enjoy. The Power of Your Posse: How & Why You Should Build Up Your Professional Girl Gang As a businesswoman, there are a range of resources within your reach, from professional development … Read More

What the Little Black Dress and Value Investing Have in Common

September 24, 2019 Written by: Laura Webb, CFP® Anyone that knows me knows that the color I wear most frequently is black. Yes, my closet is a sea of black with a smattering of other colors. Same with my shoes – mostly black with a variety of heel sizes and styles. There are so many reasons why black is my … Read More