The Making of a Millionaire

How exactly are millionaires made? Well, it can happen one of two ways: you can make yourself one, or you can pick the right parents. I’ll bet you didn’t know that 88% of today’s millionaires are self-made1,2.  Sadly, only 12% of us were smart enough to pick the right parents. So, yes you can become a millionaire on your own, but you … Read More

Five Resolutions Investors Can Actually Keep in 2022

Five Resolutions Investors Can Actually Keep in 2022 By Laura Webb, founder and CEO of Webb Investment Services, Inc. It’s the season for resolutions. The approach of a new year kicks off a period of reflection on the changes people want to make regarding their lifestyle choices. Lose weight? Eat healthier foods? Exercise more? There are resolutions for that. Easy … Read More

2021 Year End Message

2020 and 2021 have been a wild ride for everyone. As we reflect on the last year and look forward to the next, we would like to share with you a few lessons we have learned. Watch below to hear more.

Temporary Tax Breaks Can Sweeten Your Year-End Generosity

Read how the pandemic relief policies expanded benefits for generous gift givers with IRS gift limit in 2021. There is also an increase lifetime gift tax exemption for 2021. Temporary Tax Breaks Can Sweeten Your Year-End Generosity Estate and Giving Learn how pandemic relief policies expanded benefits for generous givers in 2021. Signed into law in March 2020, the CARES … Read More

Tax Law Changes

If you have not already heard, tax law changes are likely coming soon. Watch below to learn more about how you could be affected and how we can work with your CPA to help.

Ideal Client

As many of our existing clients know, our ideal client values fiscal fitness, a team approach, professional advice, counsel, and guidance.  Explore below to learn more about the qualities our ideal clients possess.


Laura has her hands in many things but one of her passions is to help women connect. Take a look at what was one of the inspirations for WomanUp, the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce’s women in business initiative. Raymond James is not affiliated with WomanUp or Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep occurs when your standard of living outpaces your income. This changing COVID environment is ideal for lifestyle creep to “creep in” and threaten your financial future but there are ways to keep this from happening.

Faith Why

Faith Doyle started investing at the young age of 23, from there she turned her personal interest into a career years later. She has a gift for analyzing and managing finances and planning for long-term goals and makes use of it daily. Check out the video below to hear all about her “why”.