If you see yourself in these, you are probably a good fit.

Our ideal client is a couple or an individual seeking a long-term personal financial planning AND investment management relationship. We work mainly with individual women or couples where the woman has taken charge of the finances, or where the husband wants to ensure that the wife has a relationship with the advisor as well. The individual or couple is ready, willing, and able to take control over their financial lives and recognizes the need to outsource to qualified professionals so that she, he, or they can focus on what they enjoy and do best.

We believe that life is too short to work with people you do not enjoy. Hence, our Ideal Clients are generally nice people who see themselves as nice people and also prefer to work with those they enjoy.

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Client Minimums

We are a high-touch financial planning and investment management practice. To be able to maintain our professional level of service, we do have minimums of investable assets and charge for an initial financial plan with new clients.

  • Faith Doyle, MBA, CFP®
    $500k investable assets – Faith may consider clients who do not meet the minimum investable assets requirement if they are willing and committed to planning, saving, and investing.  Curious about how to elevate (or secure) your financial resources? Read more here.
  • Laura Webb, CFP®
    $1M in investable assets